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digital paintings



reclining nude 22b.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-09-18 at 11.20.05 AM.png

All of the images shown have been created initially by a sketch, a painting, a peice of a sketch or painting, or a photograph of a piece of art created by matthew beehler. The image is then transfered into digital medium and manipulated pixal by pixal in a vigorous process of overlay and further manipulation.


I work with the internet to source ideas imagery and data, transforming the data into unique imagery which has been processed through my own personal and emotional systems. 


Much like food nourishes the body, with an output of energy and emotional well being, my process is simple, i only seek to investigate that which i am.


Over time the imagery has become more and more complex, layered on itself, layered with alternative imagery, erased, modified adjusted , seeking a visual motif which exists in an alternative universe, a place they only I can reach.


My story starts as a young boy growing up in a rural setting, raised in a small farming community of a township of nearly 4,000 people. The sheltered environment has its positives and negatives, both which influence my work. My most fond memories as a child, are sitting on the green grass staring at the blue sky, surrounded by green and blue, (neither of which are my favorite colors).


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